ph-everest-copy-1In the Everest region of the Kingdom of Nepal, the Khumbu valleys are known as a Sacred Land. Ancient Buddhist texts say that these are hidden valleys that would provide sanctuary and refuge in times of war and famine. The beauty of the mountain landscape has inspired the thousands of western visitors that visit the area every year. The Sherpa people, renowned for their courage, strength and good will, have impressed all the climbers and trekkers whom they have helped up to the highest mountain in the world.


Tengboche Rinpoche is the Abbot of Tengboche Monastery and the inspiration behind many small, charitable projects. He has always sought ways to protect the environment and has repeatedly pointed out the need to protect the medical plants and meet the growing need for traditional herbal medicines through cultivation.

Slowly we hope his efforts will be rewarded with increasing help to help preserve the endangered medical herbs of the area and by a growing awareness about medicinal plants and the ancient art of healing in traditional Himalayan medicine.


To help achieve this The Sacred Land Visitors’ Center was establish in 2000. It is located at Tengboche Monastery in the Mt. Everest (Sagamatha) National Park. The exhibitions in the Centre provide lots of practical information on trekking wisely and explores the links between the Buddhist culture and conservation of the mountain ecology. There is also a special exhibition on Sowa Rigpa, the art of traditional Himalayan health care and protection of the medical plants on which it relies, funded by the WWF People and Plants Initiative.

Through this web site we hope to make some of that information available to a wider audience.
Tashidelek and best wishes.